Final Major Project Report

Final Major Project Report


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My research question is how can the ancient city of Jinan be reinvented as an inspirational place to visit and why is it unique to Chinese culture ? And my target audience is the person who live in the UK age from 18 to 25. The report will investigate something I have learnt from the final major project.

In the first place, during this design process I know that design is a means of communication. It might be a kind of visual communication. But what is much more important might be find the best way convey the designers’ ideas to the audience and let the audience involved in the design work. And in my design work, I want let the young people who lived in the UK to know the springs in Jinan China. After I did some research about this topic, I discovered that Jinan is popular among the visitors for its springs around the city. Compare with those capital cities and medium sized cities in China, the city lacks a metropolitan atmosphere, the highlight might be the numerous springs. In Jinan, it has 72 famous springs and every spring had it’s unique name. So in this project, I focus on the story of the springs’ names and look deep into four springs (Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Pearl Spring and Five Dragon Pool). In terms of making the project fun and interesting, I found that the best way to inform the audience is to design a treasure hunt for the springs in Jinan. On the treasure hunt map of the springs, the audience can find the interesting story of the it. This might due to the fact that treasure hunt this kind of outcome can get more people involed in this project through an interesting way. Besides that the treasure hunt can help people get much closer during this process.

In the second place, research plays an important role in the design work. No matter the primary research and the secondary research, from that process the designer can find some insights that will generate creative ideas for the design work. Every design work start with an idea, in my final major project, my start point is about an introduction to a city. The city has a huge meaning of people who live there, also it has it’s unique story, so the final major project finally focus on the unique point of the city. In my primary research, I did some visual stuff (photos) about the city in terms of get some inspirations for my design work. After that, I make an interview with two groups of people, one group is the people who has already lived there and the other group is about the tourists who want to come to this city. Besides that, I read some books about the culture and history of the city. Also I did some case studies about the city, which has the similar attractions. For example, the city named Lourdes in France and Bath in the UK. All those research process made me much more clear about projects’ topic and help me generate the idea of the design work.

Last but not the least, keep the design work simple. This is because a simple design work will be better understood than a complicated one for the audience and it could be better communicate with the content. In addition to this, simple design work can save a lot of time for the user to read. Besides that, the simple design work might be easily catch the audiences’ attention. All in all, the simple design work provide a better experience for the audience.